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Ducted air conditioning Newcastle


Ducted, reverse-cycle air conditioning

Breeze Air Conditioning is proud to supply and install some of the best ducted, reverse-cycle air conditioning systems in Newcastle. We stock a comprehensive range, including systems from ActronAir, Hitachi, Daikin, and Temperzone.

Ducted air conditioning allows you to direct airflow to various zones throughout your home. You can independently heat or cool the individual rooms or zones you choose, saving on unnecessary power wastage. Round, linear or 4-way diffusers are fitted to the ceiling to allow quiet and efficient airflow. We supply systems capable of cooling or heating your entire house, right down to just one room, saving you on extra costs.

Why choose ducted air conditioning?

Flexible zoning options

Aesthetics—the in-ceiling units are unobtrusive

Simple—control the temperature at the push of a button

High energy efficiency

Our service areas include Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland & the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast region. Contact us for a quote today.


Our Ducted Air Conditioning Range

Most Control Options


ActronAir Advance

Energy Performance: Best
Cost: $$$
Compressor: Tru-Inverter

Built for Tight Spaces


ActronAir Ultraslim

Energy Performance: Best
Cost: $$$
Compressor: Tru-Inverter Variable Speed Scroll

Comfort all year round.



Enhanced Performance
Comfort and cost-effectiveness
Compressor: Inverter Twin Rotary

Variable Capacity


Variable Capacity

High Static Condenser EC Fans
Operating Range: From -10ºC up to 57ºC
Compressor: Variable Speed Compressor



Economy Cycle Option

R410A refrigerant
Multiple Handing Options
Compressor: Multi Stage Compressor

Benefits of ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning has a number of significant advantages. Although it’s more expensive initially than a split system, the additional benefits it brings means it’s a popular choice. Some of the key reasons so many home and business owners opt for ducted air conditioning are:

Ducted Air Conditioning is Quieter

Ducted air-conditioners tend to be quieter than a split system. With the unit being installed internally throughout the house rather than mounted on your wall, the noise produced by a ducted system is more discreet.

Ducted Air Conditioning Offers More Control

Users have a significant amount of control over the temperature in each room: when not required, the A/C in a room can be switched off. The temperature can also be varied in each room, resulting in a large degree of customisable comfort

Ducted Air Conditioners are More Energy Efficient

It’s usual to have a duct in each room, enabling the entire house to be temperature-controlled. In most cases, if you wish to control the temperature in more than a couple of units, ducted A/C is more energy-efficient than two or more split system A/C installations.

Difference between ducted and split systems

Ducted System

A ducted system consists of a single, central fan coil unit that’s normally located in the attic or loft. Ducts from the fan coil unit lead off to each room in the house. The temperature-controlled air travels through the ducts to where it’s needed.

Split System

In comparison with a ducted system, a split system A/C installation consists of an outside condenser heat exchanger, with the evaporative heat exchanger mounted on the wall of the room it’s servicing. Each room that requires temperature control will need its own evaporative heat exchanger.

Many homeowners start off with one or two evaporative heat exchangers, then add more as they need to. Ultimately the efficiency of the condenser unit falls with the addition of each heat exchanger, limiting the number that can be run simultaneously.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Process

We follow these steps in order to make sure that your installation process is as good as it can be.

  1. We listen carefully to what you need, then use our expertise to design a suitable system.
  2. If you’re happy with our recommendations, we will order in the system, then arrange a date to fit it.
  3. Our team will do all the necessary preparatory work prior to the installation.
  4. We install the system correctly, minimising disruption and ensuring good results.
  5. Post-installation, we test the system and ensure it’s fully operational.
  6. Our team is available for ongoing maintenance and servicing, in order to optimise performance.

To find out more about our ducted air conditioning options, book one of our technicians or for further information, please give us a call on (02) 4948 5309 or Contact us online. We service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast region.

Ducted Air Conditioning Experts

Still not sure whether ducted air conditioning is for you?

At Breeze Air Conditioning, we want to make sure you’re completely happy with your newly installed air conditioning.

Take a look through some of our most frequently asked questions below, or you can always get in touch with us via the phone on (02) 4948 5309 or contact us online for more information and advice about our ducted air conditioning services.

We service Newcastle, Lake MacquarieMaitland, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast region.

Ducted Air Conditioning FAQs

The cost of installing ducted air conditioning will depend on the size of the installation, but prices start from around $7,500 and increase to $12,000 and above for larger systems. In terms of running costs, this can depend on many factors including how often you run the unit, the insulation of your home, and what temperature you set your air conditioning to. Broadly speaking, it could cost between $0.25 and $3 per hour to run your AC, depending on the size of your home and these other factors.

You’ll be glad to hear that ducted air conditioning is relatively quick to install. In most cases, ducted air conditioning can be installed in a single day, though this obviously depends upon the size of the installation

Ideally, you should get your ducted air conditioning system serviced every 12 months. This will keep your system working efficiently, meaning less energy wastage and better performance. Breeze Air Conditioning can service and repair your air conditioning system for you – just get in touch to book us in.

Yes, in most cases it’s best to check and clean your AC filters every three to four months, to prevent the restriction of air flow around the home and to maintain optimal efficiency throughout the system. Cleaning the filter is simple and doesn’t take long: most filters can be cleaned gently using just warm water.

Yes – ducted air conditioning systems include a removable air filter which collects dust and lint which travels through the air. This means that the air you breathe at home will be cleaner, and also less likely to set off allergies.

There are a few reasons why ducted air conditioning isn’t for everyone. While in the long run ducted air conditioning is almost always the better choice, some customers are put off by the fact that it costs a little more and requires more work to install than ductless air conditioning systems.

Ducted air conditioning is, generally, quieter than ductless air conditioning. While the air conditioning unit itself can be quite noisy, this can be placed away from busy rooms in the house. Most areas of the home will hear very little from the system, as each room will only be connected to the unit via air ducts.