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Most Effective Way To Use Your Air Conditioning This Summer

Summer’s the best time of year for many Aussies…but not when it makes us unbearably hot and sweaty. When the mercury soars, there’s nothing better than coming into an air-conditioned interior and escaping the heat of the day. With so many warm days upon us, it’s not surprising that your air conditioner will be asked to work incredibly hard, meaning your bill could skyrocket right under your nose. To avoid these costly bills, there are things you can do to

How Often Should My Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

A must-have for any Newcastle home is an efficient air conditioning system given our humid, subtropical climate. It is fair to say air conditioning in Newcastle homes is key to comfort. After your outlay you want to make sure that it is worth its weight in gold. To guarantee this it is important that it is serviced regularly. We at Breeze Air Conditioning suggest that a qualified technician does this annually. If you don’t then there’s a good chance the system will


Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair? Or A New Air Conditioner?

Should you replace your air conditioner? Or would it be a better decision to get the air conditioner repaired? At times like this, you need input from the experts. At Breeze Air Conditioning, we’ve been in air conditioning repairs Newcastle for long enough to give you the right advice in this regard. Can My Air Conditioner be Repaired? A rule of thumb is when the repair will cost a quarter the price of a new unit or less. When damage to your