5 Advantages Of Gas Ducted Heating

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If you are a homeowner, it’s likely you are always keeping an eye out for efficient and affordable solutions for your home. Gas ducted heating is a solution that helps heat homes in an effective way. Composed of one unit, this heating system draws in air through a fan and releases heat through ducts situated in various rooms in a building.

If you’re reading this, you may have already heard of gas ducted heating, or you may be curious to know more. If you’re considering gas ducted heating for your property, see below for some advantages of this heating system.

1) Complete Flexibility

With gas ducted heating, you can control which rooms you heat and at what temperatures. With some heating systems, all rooms will be heated at the same temperature, which can be frustrating when certain rooms, such as vacant bedrooms, do not require any warmth. Gas deducted heating allows you to manage your heating in a way that suits your building and the people in it.

2) Efficient Heating For Your Home

Due to the flexible nature of this system, which we’ve mentioned above, gas ducted heating is very efficient. By being able to control which rooms you heat, you can save money and energy. As opposed to heating up an entire house, the option to heat each room individually can really reduce your heating bills and not let energy go to waste.

3) An Eco-Friendly System

There are multiple reasons why gas ducted heating is a more environmentally friendly solution than other heating alternatives:

  • With gas ducted heating, you can have a system that uses natural gas, a renewable source of energy
  • Efficient individual room heating uses less energy than other systems that heat entire buildings
  • Following a high-quality and professional installation, the ducts and vents, along with clean filters, allow the unit to run at a highly efficient rate, reducing environmental impact

4) Built to operate in all weather conditions

Some heating systems, ironically, lose their functionality the colder it gets. With gas ducted heating, you can expect an optimal operating system no matter how bitterly cold it is outside! When heating systems lose resilience during the cold months, this can really show on your heating bills. This isn’t an issue you will come across with an expertly installed gas ducted heater.

5) Better air quality

Gas ducted heaters don’t negatively impact the air quality of a room, as they:

  • Are often placed outside the home or in the roof space, so any fumes don’t manage to penetrate the home
  • Filter air that passes through the mechanism, so no large or nasty particles can pass through the vents into your living space
  • Distribute moist air, so you won’t experience any of the agitations you find with some heating systems that cause dry eyes and itchy skin

Have gas ducted heating professionally installed in Newcastle

In a world where efficiency and environmentally-friendly solutions are becoming more important, gas ducted heating is a system that ticks many boxes.

If you would like one of these cost-saving and flexible systems installed in your home, give us a call on (02) 4948 5309 or contact us online today.

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