Reasons Why Maintenance Is Crucial For Your Air Conditioning In Newcastle

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Like most other appliances, air conditioning has to be maintained. Just the same as your car or any other piece of machinery, without regular care and attention, machinery breaks down and ceases to function. We at Breeze Air Conditioning know this very well and we are reminding you of the importance of maintenance. Here are a few reasons why maintenance is crucial for your air conditioning in Newcastle.

The main problems that affect air conditioning are:

  • Machinery vibration and strange noises
  • Fluctuations in electrical current
  • Temperature swings
  • Dirt and foreign bodies within the system
  • Bad odours

Air conditioning is made up of various components and parts, and like all electrical or mechanical parts that move or function, they are prone to wear and tear over time. This is why regular maintenance is crucial.

A few of the Maintenance Checks that are Necessary

  • Thermostat: to see if it is functioning correctly
  • Air filter: proper and regular cleaning
  • Electrical wiring: inspections for breaks or loose connections
  • Compressor: wiring connections, measurement of voltage draw and amperage.
  • Automatic timers: to see if they are working properly at the correct settings
  • Bearings: for wear and tear
  • Refrigerant: check for leaks
  • Ductworks: for energy loss
  • Supply and return: check for temperature differences
  • Condenser coils: they need to be kept clean
  • Fans: make sure they are not sticking
  • Suction line: check for leaks

It is Complicated

As you can see air conditioning depends on a complicated set of parts to function correctly. Any component that does not perform as it is supposed to will unbalance the system and that means the other parts of the system will have to work harder. If these issues aren’t addressed, it will lead to the breakdown of the whole system. Before these problems are fixed it will affect the comfort of your home and your energy consumption and lead to higher bills.

Take Maintenance Seriously

The extra costs involved with a maintenance contract will safeguard your air conditioning in Newcastle and get the maximum lifespan from your system, plus the best level of energy efficiency. At Breeze Air Conditioning we have been installing and repairing all kinds of air conditioning systems for years and we know what we are talking about. If you need maintenance now, give us a call for a free quote.

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