Air Conditioning Installation – Comparing Cooling Systems

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Air conditioning installation in your Newcastle home comes in a few shapes and forms; here at Breeze Air Conditioning we have a choice of systems to suit any household.

Whatever system you decide on, you can be rest assured we will provide the complete air conditioning package from unit and installation, right through to after-sales support.

In this day and age all of us are aware on the energy ratings of an air con system, but there’s more to it – aesthetics, type and functionality shouldn’t be overlooked.

When considering air conditioning installation these are different types to consider before making your final choice:

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

This is the multi-task meister of air con systems, creating a direct flow of air to more than one area of a home.

With ducted rooms the air can be independently cooled.

This is an obvious energy saver, which makes this option popular with homeowners.

Diffusers are situated on the ceiling for muted and economical flow of air.

Split Air Conditioning System

This is smart-phone savvy. It gives you the advantage of controlling the temperature of your home remotely.

It comes with a timer too. An added joy of split systems is that it cools in summer and heats in winter.

There’s a choice of indoor and outdoor components. It’s quiet and highly energy efficient and needs little maintenance.

Evaporative Cooling

If you are partial to a breath of fresh air, this system could be for your.

With a combination of cooling pads, a water tank, pump and a specialised ventilation motor, it converts warm air from outside into a continuous flow of cool air through your home.

It’s proven to reduce the levels of household allergens and eradicates odours and stagnant air.

An evaporative cooling system uses significantly less energy than conventional air conditioners.

Whatever your choice, leave your air conditioning installation up to us.

Take a look at our website or call us on: 02 4948 5309.