How Ducted Air Conditioning Works

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We here at Breeze Air Conditioning are able to sell, install and service many different types of air conditioning system.

There are people who ask us how ducted air conditioning works. If you are thinking about buying ducted air conditioning in Newcastle, have a quick read of this article.

Funnelling from Your Roof

A ducted air conditioner works by taking air from a central hub. For example, many people have their unit on their roof.

The system draws air from the central unit via several ducts. The ducts lead into different rooms with the hope of creating a cold temperature equally in different rooms.

Control the Temperature As it Moves

Cool or warm air may be drawn from a central unit, but it can be adjusted after the fact.

For example, a thermostat can be placed on the exit point of each duct.

This means that a duct leading into one room may have its air heated, and another duct leading into another room may have its air cooled.

Ducts Can Be Closed

Imagine the central unit being like an octopus with all it’s pipes coming out and going into different room.

If you wished, you could have the air that is pumped out heated, or you could have it cooled, or you could simply turn it off.

You could close the vent and stop the air from coming out. This may be desirable if you are already happy with the temperature in the room.

Very Little Noise

One of the great things about having a central unit located somewhere like on the roof is that there is very little noise.

The noise from the device doesn’t usually travel very far down the pipes, vents and ducts.

In most cases, the only sounds you hear are the sounds of the air coming out of the device.

Plus, if you are trying to cool or heat a large building, then this is often one of the most economical ways to do it.

Getting a Better Price

If you are still looking for ducted air conditioning in Newcastle, then do your best to get a good price.

You can often shop around for a great deal. Part of getting a good price is being lucky, so before you make your purchase, see what we have on offer by getting a free quote at Breeze Air Conditioning and see if you can save a little money while still getting a very good deal.

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